With headlines filling up with stories of skyrocketing valuations, groundbreaking technologies, and many many regulatory developments it is obvious that we are in the beginning of a new era. Even institutions that once held a skeptical stance, as they now eagerly extend their open arms to embrace this digital revolution.

The total amount of staked ETH currently stands at $41.5 billion, representing 46% of the total staked assets across all blockchains. We can definitely say that staking is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry.

Beyond its immediate benefits for institutional investors, staking has the potential to catalyze mainstream adoption and fundamentally alter the dynamics of the broader crypto ecosystem.

In this blog post, we will explore how staking has emerged as a compelling and low-risk entry point for institutions looking to dip their toes into the cryptocurrency market.

Why staking is considered a low-risk entry point for institutions

why institutions should stake in cryptocurrency

Reduced Market Exposure:

  • Staking offers a passive investment approach, reducing institutions’ exposure to the daily price volatility that characterizes the cryptocurrency market.
  • In just a year, Ethereum staking industry, which already counts more than $40 billion worth of staked assets and has generated over $1.6 billion in total staking rewards, a proxy for total revenue.
  • Unlike active traders, stakers aren’t constantly making buy and sell decisions based on market fluctuations, reducing the risk associated with timing the market.

Enhanced Security Within Blockchain Protocols:

  • When institutions stake their assets, they lock them into smart contracts within the blockchain network.
  • These smart contracts are designed with rigorous security measures, making it exceptionally difficult for unauthorized parties to access or compromise the staked assets.
  • The inherent security of blockchain technology provides a robust layer of protection, instilling confidence in institutional investors.

Predictable and Stable Rewards:

  • Staking offers a predictable and stable source of income in the form of rewards, which are typically linked to the amount of cryptocurrency staked and the network’s performance metrics.
  • Unlike the uncertainties of trading, where profits and losses can fluctuate wildly, stakers can anticipate and plan for their earnings.
  • The consistent stream of rewards provides institutions with financial stability, aligning with their long-term investment strategies.

Cautious Beginnings:

  • Institutional players often take a measured approach when entering new markets, and the cryptocurrency space is no exception.
  • Many institutions initiate their staking journey with a modest level of participation, allowing them to acclimate to the dynamics of staking without committing substantial capital.
  • Starting small enables institutions to gain practical experience and familiarity with staking, building confidence over time.

Institutional Participation and Market Impact:

Influence of institutional players

Influence of Institutional Players:

  • Institutional investors entering the staking space bring significant financial resources, expertise, and credibility to the cryptocurrency market.
  • The recent surge in institutional interest has led to more than 50% of the ETH supply being staked, with over 65% of the supply actively participating in staking activities over the past year and a half.
  • Their participation marks a shift towards a more mature and institutionalized crypto ecosystem.

Credibility and Stability:

  • Institutional involvement in staking adds credibility and stability to the overall industry, which is traditionally seen as speculative and volatile.
  • The presence of reputable institutions can ease regulatory concerns and build trust among retail investors.

Impact on Supply-Demand Dynamics:

  • Institutions’ entry into staking can have a positive impact on supply-demand dynamics.
  • As institutions stake larger amounts of assets, they effectively reduce the circulating supply of those assets, potentially driving up their value.
  • This increased demand and reduced supply can lead to more balanced and stable market conditions.

Long-Term Implications for Institutional Adoption:

Impact on the Broader Crypto Ecosystem:

  • Incentivizing Active Participation: Staking encourages active engagement within blockchain networks.
  • Enhancing Decentralization: It contributes to the decentralization of blockchain ecosystems, promoting network security.
  • Fostering Ownership and Engagement: Active participation among token holders leads to a sense of ownership and community engagement.
  • Improving Ecosystem Health: As staking becomes more widespread, the overall health of the crypto ecosystem benefits.
  • Positive Feedback Loop: Staking reinforces network strength and sustainability through a positive feedback loop.

Long-Term Effects on Institutional Adoption:

  • Institutions benefit from reduced risk exposure, passive income generation, and simplified crypto access through staking.
  • Familiarity gained via staking encourages institutions to explore additional blockchain use cases and investment opportunities.
  • Gradual exposure, supported by staking’s security and rewards, paves the way for more comprehensive institutional adoption of digital assets.


Staking serves as a secure, low-risk entry point for institutional investors into the dynamic cryptocurrency market. Its passive nature, heightened security, and reliable rewards make it an attractive choice.

Reputable staking service providers like Dexponent offer a secure platform for institutional participation in staking, playing a significant role in connecting traditional finance with the digital asset ecosystem. This pivotal role allows institutions to earn consistent returns while managing risk, making staking an essential component of their cryptocurrency market involvement.

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