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Prime Broker

Predictable Pricing at Volume with High Frequency at lowest counterparty risk*

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Digital Assets
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Overcome Market Volatility with Guaranteed Asset Prices for Unwavering Stability

never worry about unpredictable market fluctuations ever again

Stay Steady in any Storm

Stable price even in turbulent market conditions, thanks to our netting and volatility protection

Leverage Trading

Amplify your potential to magnify your investments and maximize your opportunities in the market

Experience the Speed of Success

Seamless and instant execution of volume trades, providing a professional and efficient solution for your trading needs

Safety First, Returns Second: Guaranteed Real Yields

Seamless Non-Custodial Liquidity Provisioning with Inbuilt Account Abstraction for Optimal Security

liquidity management

Liquidity Management

Non-custodial liquidity management ensuring complete control and security over assets.
unparalled Selection

Account Abstraction

Experience hassle-free trading with built-in account abstraction, simplifying transactions and investment strategy
Optimal Gain

Optimal gain

Extract higher yields and greater financial efficiency from your liquidity provision

dexponent ecosystem

A growing network

Treasuries, DEXs, Chains and, Oracles participate together in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

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Catalyzing DeFi Success: Tailored Solutions for Institutions on the Rise

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Aggregation and transaction splitting

Effortlessly optimize your trading with advanced aggregation and transaction splitting, maximizing efficiency and minimizing slippage for superior results
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Predictive liquidity provisioning

Stay ahead of the curve with predictive liquidity provisioning, leveraging advanced algorithms to ensure ample liquidity for your trading needs
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Cross chain liquidity provisioning

Seamless transactions across multiple blockchain networks for unparalleled market access and expand your trading horizons like never before
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Trade lower liquidity tokens

Unlock the full potential of your investment strategy by trading lower liquidity tokens, broadening your portfolio and taking advantage of unique opportunities in the market.
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Layer2 settlement

Streamline your transactions with efficient layer 2 settlement, enhancing scalability and speed while maintaining robust security for seamless business operations.
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Security first approach

Our security-first approach ensures that your investments are protected at all times, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in our platform


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The governance token provides holders with 20% cut of the generated platform fees

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The liquidity token provides holders with 80% of the generated platform fees.

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